Motherhood and Ayurveda

Motherhood and Ayurveda

Mother is the first and special person in everyone’s life. In recent years the modern world came up with the idea of celebrating mother’s day to pay gratitude for all the sacrifices that she makes for her children.

Whereas Ayurveda has always given the emphasis on mother and motherhood even 5000 years ago. Back then one did not have to wait for Mother’s day to celebrate motherhood. Ayurveda clearly believed that the creation of life is the reflection of the divine aspect within us. It beautifully justifies what is written by Mitch Albom “ behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because here is where yours begins”

The ancient treatise of Ayurveda such as Sushrutha Samhitha and Charaka Samhita has special references to Garhini Paricharya and Garbha Vyakarana, i.e detailed information regarding the importance of diet, hygiene, preventive measures, Antenatal and postnatal health, and also the process of development of Embryo. These books give an elaborate explanation of the important regimen a woman needs to follow and the significance of care she should get not just before or during pregnancy but also after delivering the baby. Therefore, it prepares each and every woman for her motherhood by offering sustainable natural and nutritional measures for her growth and protection.
Ayurveda advocates a specific regime for Pregnancy that extends from food, diet nutrition to physical and mental activities she needs to follow regularly. A few of the important tips are listed below for all the women who wish to be a mother.

Dosha Type- Know the body

We all know that a woman needs to be physically strong from her birth, the time of Menarche, the time of her fertility and conception when she carries the child in her womb till she attains Menopause, and the life after that. Also, the duration of conception, delivery, and recovery plays a vital role in various levels. Hence the focus on immunity should start from the very day she prepares herself to become a mother.

Therefore, It is very important for each and every mother to know one’s Prakriti/constitution as per Ayurvedic science. These constitutions are described as Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha or combinations of the same. A woman’s body behaves very differently as per her own constitution. Hence it is important for a woman to start knowing the body before she prepares herself for motherhood. These Prakriti shall be analyzed and the Dosha, the deviation if any, would be diagnosed by an Ayurvedic doctor which is based on a set of physical and mental parameters. Once she is aware of these factors, it will be easier for her to start planning for nutrition and an ayurvedic lifestyle.

Nutrition – Build the immunity

Women are usually vulnerable to various kinds of health problems due to the constant changes in their bodies from Pre menstruation till menopause. Therefore, Ayurveda advocates that the diet and nutrition of the mother is the most essential factor to combat the emotional, psychological, and physical changes she goes through during motherhood.

A wholesome adequate timely diet and nutrition not only play an important role in building the immunity of the mother but also can be passed to her children as a legacy. The Ayurvedic diet always involves the food that is eaten as per Prakriti. Ayurveda always offers personalized diet plans to every mother explaining the food to be eaten or to be avoided as per the body type

Abhayanga – Self Massage

A mother is not only the most important role a woman can play in her life. As a primary caregiver to the family and children, the mother needs a holistic approach by offering Abhyanga to her body along with the right nutrition. Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic oil massage regime that each and every mother should inculcate. Abhyanga can also be done as per Prakriti.

This not only relaxes the body from all the changes that a woman goes through during motherhood but also increases the strength of bones and muscles.

Blissful- Learn to be joyful

The world of the mother revolves around her children and family. Hence the entire life of the mother can be very stressful. Despite taking the right nutrition, being physically fit Ayurveda always recommends each woman to be joyful during the journey of motherhood. When a mother is joyful it helps her to handle the stress more effectively, focusing more on the development of her children and family. Pregnancy Yoga and meditation also play a vital role in maintaining not only physical health but also mental vigor.

A healthy mind in a healthy body, as well as physical mental equilibrium, is the key behind a healthy mother thereby a healthy child.

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