Ian Matthews

For someone who is not familiar with what an Ayurveda consultation entails, my session with Dr Taruna quickly put me at ease. The doctor not only was an expert in her field, she was empathetic and clearly used her intuitive sense to build a sense and prognosis of my overall well-being condition. It was profoundly moving at certain stages, very timely, and I will put her advice into immediate action. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone.

Donna william

I am not new to Ayurveda and what I really appreciated was that the doctor Anoosha immediately adapted to my level of knowledge and focused on adding value to my health and wellbeing, targeting very concrete issues and solutions rather than remaining general. I also found the session to be overall an incredibly positive and uplifting experience and I’m looking forward to practicing the new Ayurvedic techniques I learned and up-levelling my health.


It was really a wonderful session and very helpful. Dr Shamaa is an expert & with just a few questions she was able to connec with my life and everything was so true. What I liked about her that she recommended simple and practical tips that I am already doing and I can feel that it is already working.


My consultation with Dr Nidhi was really enjoyable. It was such a great opportunity to get a consultation from an Ayurvedic Doctor from India. She was very kind and listening and I particularly appreciated the holistic approach, not only considering my body type and specific issues but also my lifestyle and current situation. I haven’t started the treatment she prescribed yet but have already started making some adjustments in my daily routine to get started on this healing journey.