What does Ayurveda offer to today’s youth?

What does Ayurveda offer to today’s youth?

Ayurveda is traditional Indian medicine that aims to prevent disease, cure and maintain health, and promote longevity.

Health is a state of complete well-being that goes beyond the absence of disease, involving different areas of human life. In fact, according to Ayurveda:

“We are what we think.”

The content of our mind in terms of thoughts, attitudes, and emotions determines our way of being and our general health.

“We are what we eat.”

The choice of foods suitable for our constitution (Prakriti) but also the way in which these are combined with each other, the way in which they are prepared and again, the time of meals and the state of mind in which they are consumed affect the balance of our body and mind.

Ayurveda is traditional Indian medicine that aims to prevent disease, cure and maintain health, and promote longevity.

Health is a state of complete well-being that goes beyond the absence of disease, involving different areas of human life. In fact, according to Ayurveda:
Furthermore, Ayurveda has handed down detailed knowledge of herbal medicine with its natural preparations, traditional treatments such as massage, and other techniques to strengthen and detoxify the body. These, described in ancient texts and handed down today, offer a valuable contribution to improving the lifestyle, especially in modern society where the natural rhythms are often distorted.

Finally, remember that Ayurveda has been fully recognized as “traditional medicine” by the World Health Organization.

Common problems faced by today’s youth and how does Ayurveda help them?

Nowadays, youth face many problems from anxiety to insomnia, depression and obesity to infertility. Why?

Because we lead a life outside of the rhythms of nature, we eat food that is not always healthy; we work at absurd pace and times, and we are stressed and anxious. This creates an imbalance in our life and immune system, thus affecting our physical and mental health and overall well-being.

Ayurveda, Indian natural medicine, has always helped humanity, especially youth, prevent disease and fight aging and its negative effects, including mood and mental processes, through multiple approaches.

Let’s discuss some common problems faced by today’s youth and how Ayurveda is helping overcome them :

Lower the stress and anxiety levels

Stress is a typical problem in young professionals and is linked to every aspect of health. If you are depressed or overwhelmed by your hectic routine then Ayurveda can help you.

Ayurvedic medicine uses several natural techniques to alleviate anxiety and the symptoms of depression. And, consequently, lower cortisol levels in the body. These techniques include meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, herbal supplements, visualization, or mantra repetition.

Keeps skin healthy and glowing

Everyone wants beautiful and healthy-looking skin. Ayurveda has hundreds of remedies to help keep skin velvety and glowing. Vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce and daikon have purifying properties and high water content. For this reason, they are also easy to digest.

Physical activity keeps the body firm and muscular and helps eliminate toxins through sweat.

Nuts and seeds oil contain good fats and Omega 3s that help keep the skin healthy and reduce inflammation in certain skin conditions.

For skin cleansing, you can use a neutral Ayurvedic Neem-based soap.

Promotes hormonal balance

Ayurveda naturally helps to “maintain hormonal balance”, resulting in a pain-free period or other symptoms and healthy pregnancy. In 2010 a study done by the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka highlighted that the use of certain essential oils, medicinal plants and a healthy diet help to balance the hormonal system.

For centuries, Ayurvedic medicine has also helped women resolve amenorrhea (lack of periods) or irregular periods, make hair stronger, limit body hair growth, and prevent numerous symptoms of PMS, including acne and oily skin.

Support against infertility

Ayurveda supports mothers and fathers before, during pregnancy and after childbirth. Evaluate each individual case and propose specific individual therapies if there are infertility problems. In addition, it offers advice for a healthy conception, and taking care of nutrition. For the body, it offers physical activity, yoga and personalized massages right up to the time of delivery.

Ayurveda in motherhood

Ayurveda helps the future mother because it tries to make the child who is born stronger and healthier.

It helps before pregnancy. If you decide to have a child, you start by taking care of yourself with detoxification and tissue strengthening practices. In fact, pregnancy affects the baby’s life. For the first 9 months, the universe for the fetus is mom’s belly, and everything she does will affect the future of the baby. So the nutrition, behavior, psychological and mental attitude of the mother is crucial for the fetus, for the newborn and for the adult it will become.

Ayurveda teaches to take great care of nutrition during pregnancy, favoring the alternation of foods according to the organ that is developing.

It cleanses the body

Ayurveda is beneficial for purifying the body through medicinal plants, herbal teas, healthy foods and plenty of rest. In addition, some practices increase circulation and liver functions.

Helps to lose weight or to maintain it

Ayurvedic supplements are helpful when you want to lose weight. The extra pounds can be lost thanks to the consumption of natural and healthy foods. According to some studies conducted, changing your diet can help you lose weight more effectively.

Common in Ayurvedic medicine is trikatu, based on ginger and pepper of different types, which helps speed up the metabolism.

Helps fight insomnia

Having a late dinner, drinking caffeinated beverages before bed, watching TV or mobile phones, and eating spices or heavy foods in the evening can disrupt sleep and aggravate the nervous system.

Ayurveda can help you sleep thanks to simple tips such as the use of jasmine essential oil or coconut oil to massage on the scalp or soles of the feet, drinking a cup of hot almond drink or herbal tea, or saying a positive affirmation.

Finally, the words of wisdom for young people

Everyone wants to be healthy so that they have the best chance of realizing and enjoying their full potential in life. But that of “optimal health” seems such a complex issue that it is not always easy to know how to reach this “holy grail”.

Although, at first, it may seem like a foreign concept to our way of thinking, understanding your constitution provides considerable help in achieving perfect health.

In Ayurveda, the individual constitution is known as Prakriti, which means “nature” and is linked to one’s genetic typology. Ayurveda teaches us how to determine our constitution by observing ourselves and our sensations; this is a very simple and valuable lesson in terms of individual enrichment.

By discovering our true nature, we can live a truly authentic existence – a life that satisfies us and allows us to enjoy good health.

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