Food practise as per Ayurveda

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Ayurveda

Food practice as per Ayurveda

Food which can be taken daily:

  • Old Sastika ( Medicated Navara Rice)- 4-6 months
  • Old Saali(Red Rice)
  • Mudga(Green gram)
  • Saindavam(Rock salt)
  • Amalaka(Gooseberry)
  • Yavam(Barely)
  • Paya(milk -warm in nature)
  • Sarpi(Ghee)
  • Madhu(Honey) – Last three categories should be taken depending on nature or constitution of an individual

Food which should not be taken daily:

  • Valloora(Dried meat and fish)
  • Suska saakam(Dried vegetable)
  • Milk products like Cheese , Butter etc
  • Pork, Beef, Fish, Curd, Masha(Black gram)
  • Curd / Yogurt -especially for Specificic Prakriti (constitution). Instead of Curd / Yogurt can be consumed

Virudha Ahara (Incompatible food):

Any food or drink when combined wrongly together will lead to imbalance in doshas(humors), hamper digestion , produce Aama(Toxins)- leading to diseases or Roga

Each food has its own quality (heavy , dry, oily, soft etc), taste(sweet, sour, salty, pungent etc), energy (hot/cold) and post- digestive effect (vipaka)

List of Incompatible foods :

  • Fish with black gram, honey , milk, spouts , jaggery, radish.
  • Chicken with curd , Yogurt
  • Samyoga Virudha- Banana with milk( or any Sour foods with milk)
  • Milk with green leafy vegetables; milk with dates.
  • Eating contrary to climates- eg- Cold food during winter
  • Mixed in wrong proportions- honey and ghee equal quantity.
  • Agni virudha – intake affecting digestion – eg- eating heavy when hunger is low and vice versa.
  • Dosha virudha- eating sweet, sour and salty food when having kapha related disease – eg- Sinus issues.
  • Upachara virudha- D.Eating heavy during Panchakarma.

Health definition according to Ayurveda:


Sushrutha Samhita

If there is Normalcy of Dosha, Agni, Dhatu, Mala, (Physical aspects of body) along with pleasantness and contentment of Atma / Soul, Indriya/ Senses and Manna/ Mind then the person is Healthy Only the absence of disease is not considered as Health.

In Ayurveda, to maintain good health we have to concentrate on healthy and wholesome food practices

Balanced Diet:

(According to Charaka Samhita)

  • One should take food in the proper quantity.
  • Quantity depends on the power of digestion. Whatever amount of food is consumed and digested in a timely manner without disrupting normality might be considered one’s correct quantity.
  • Stomach should be filled with – 2 part solid food + 1 part liquid + 1 part air.

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