Bijoya is a visionary leader and global entrepreneur with a passion for conscious living and wellness. A Yogini, a devout follower of Ayurveda and a vivid traveller to more than 50 countries. The world became her classroom, and she learnt how lifestyles and cultures wove the threads of humanity together, creating a tapestry that made the WORLD our ONE HOME. That is how Bijoya is an advocate of worklife balance and has a deep understanding of the lifestyle and culture.
Bijoya is the Co-Founder and CEO of ASHAexperience, an Ayurvedic wellness community in Switzerland. Having supported 100+ patients from Europe, Bijoya bridges the gap between Ayurvedic treatment and modern lifestyle. She is also a catalyst in offering wellness and cure through Ayurveda.

years of professional wisdom

Souls Nurtured and supported

Countries and Cultures explored


Launched career
in retail fashion
in the UK


Buying Head for Spain, for a
Europeanfashion brand;
embraced Yoga


Entrepreneurial venture in
Spain, delving into the world
of Luxury Fashion.


Founder of an Ayurvedic and
Yogic Wellness Start-up,

Bijoya strives to weave purpose and profit into the fabric of life. Her voice resonated across borders as she stood on various global stages, presenting Konscious Karma – a movement to empower healers, mentors, and therapists. She witnessed the ripples of change that spread far and wide.
In her free time, she enjoys Yoga, fitness, meditation, reading about society and gratitude. And her greatest joy comes from the streets. Amidst the ebb and flow of humanity, she listens to real stories and realises that every voice is a melody and every tale is a symphony of life.
She is a role model for women everywhere, inspiring them to follow their dreams and make a positive impact on the world.